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Insects are an issue everywhere in South Texas. They are unavoidable. At Blan's House, a professional exterminator sprays for bugs four times a year, which is usually adequate.  If you find dead bugs in your apartment, that's good; it means the bug spray is working.  Just throw them out, or call us and we'll clean them.  If you find live bugs, don't fret; just call us and we'll call the exterminator.  Bugs are often more numerous after it rains.  Again, don't fret. Just call us and we'll deal with it.

The Security Deposit

The security deposit at Blan's House is one-half a month's rent.  This is a refundable deposit when you meet all of the the following conditions. 

  • You give one month's notice.  This includes the follow scenarios: If you have a 3 or 6 month lease, you pay your rent for the entire period and leave at the end of the lease. Or, if you have a month-to-month lease, or if you are staying beyond your 3- or 6-month lease and have gone to a month-to-month lease, you must give one month's notice.
  • You do not take any Blan's House property with you.
  • You have not damaged any property beyond what would be considered "normal wear and tear."

Texas law says two things about deposits that are important for tenants to know.

  • Tenants may not use the deposit to pay for rent.  
  • When the tenant leaves under good conditions, the the landlord must return deposits within one month.


The back yard, patio area and BBQ are available to all residents. Please keep all common areas neat.


The laundry area is free and available to all residents. The machines are high-efficiency front loaders purchased in 2012, and the laundry area was completely rebuilt in 2015.  We'll provide you with a key.  Please provide your own soap and supplies. You can store them in the laundry room, but it is a good idea to put your name on it.  Please be courteous of other tenants.  Remove lint, do not leave trash, and clean up after yourself.  Many of our guests work in the field.  We welcome you as renters, but if your clothes are excessively dirty, please rinse them before putting them in the wash to avoid excessive wear on the machines.  You can use the outdoor hoses for this.

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No smoking inside. There is a large flower pot filled with sand on the patio that you can use as an ash tray. No candles or open flames of any kind. If you violate these policies, you'll be in violation of the lease and charged a $250 fee.


There is plenty of off-street parking. Please make a habit of entering and leaving the circular driveway on the right. During the hot months, feel free to park in the shade along the circular driveway, but please stay to the right and leave easy access for those entering and exiting.


Blan's House has two extra-large trash bins and one recycling bin. They are located  just inside the front gate to the left of the Cottage. You are responsible for taking your trash from the inside of your apartment to the outside bins. The manager is responsible for placing the bins on the street on trash days and replacing them after the trash has been collected by the city. Please don't over-stuff the trash cans; if the lids are open, the city will not collect the trash.  Please take your trash out of your apartment frequently to diminish the possibility of bugs in your house.

Trash day is Tuesday, and the garbage cans need to be out by 9am.  The city of Victoria is very strict; the garbage cans must be put out on the curb or they will not be collected.  They must be at the edge of the sidewalk on Ben Jordan. They must not be within 5 feet of the telephone pole and they must be placed 5 feet apart. The opening of the lids must be facing the street. The lids must be completely closed.  If anything is sticking out of the lids, the garbage will not be collected.

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